Treasures By The Sea

Items for sale and past items sold by authentic Hickatuck Indians and authentic friends of authentic Hickatuck Indians

The Hickatuck Indians knew about the importance of preserving their structured living water that flowed deep beneath the town of Island Heights, New Jersey on the Jersey Shore.  The Hickatuck Indian Chiefs warned of the poison that would slither like a snake and one day contaminate their pristine drinking water.  Today, we now know that we have to restructure the poisonous chemical laced drinking water served to us by our municipal water companies and private wells.  Below is hope in the Living Water Machine, which processes residential well and municipal tap water and restructures it into ultra-pure drinking water.  Click on the picture below and learn a lot more about what you can do for your tribe.

Structured Living Water Machine


Joyce Von Kaiserstein – clairaudient, burt pine charcoal sketch artist posing with Precious, the giant slovic chicken – circa 1971

Above sketch auctioned on 8-23-2011 for $696.00 – editors note – giant carnivorous chickens are possible to create through direct south pole magnetism.

sold out

Authentic Hickatuck Indian Haliaeetus leucocephalus  ( Bald Eagle ) feather throw pillows.  $39.99 each

Rest your head and soar like an eagle into slumber-land

These  “fresh off the endangered species list” throw pillows are
crammed with cranial Bald Eagle feathers – creating a plush luscious
accent for your sofa, futon or sleep numbers bed!

Each pillow is handmade by an authentic Hickatuck decedent.  Below is the sacred process:



( Alert!  Those allergic to Snow Owl – product may contain Snow Owl face feathers )

4 comments on “Treasures By The Sea

  1. Peesa Steele says:

    The Bald Eagle looks like a SUPER HERO.More pillows,Please.Do you happen to have any items made from Hemp and figs? A second cousin(a Lunatic like her late Father )feels this is a good combo for durable goods.I prefer the method of the Huganuts,Grape vines and hemp mixed with lagoon sea weed.Thanks,Peesa

    • Miss Peesa,

      The authentic Hickatuck hand-made items are made in Shohola PA and I offer the Tribe a page on my website to advertise their items on the Treasures By The Sea page as items become available. There are many items available in my Des Plaines IL museum that I may include at another date. To answer your question: YES they will soon have many hemp-fig curiosity items well before your Rosh Shoshana and Boxing Day. The Tribe try to make your “modern” items in order to stay in business – however, you will soon see many of their culture’s items that may be of interest.

      Thank you for your questions and please enjoy the complimentary pillow that was sent out to you this morning.

      Count Von Kaiserstein

  2. The Hidden History of Island Heights says:

    I am doing a term paper on Island Heights, New Jersey and I am curious how to contact you to get more information on the Kicatuck indians and a letter from you Count Von Kaiserstein or where I can get some information about the museum where all of the artifacts are located. So I have some kind of information from a relative of Grandpa Kaiser. PLease help. I am from Toms River, NJ. Who is Count Von Kaiserstein?

    • Hello,

      I would love to help with your term paper, but I have no formal educational training. The artifacts are in my Des Plaines Illinois museum where I act as honorable curator. It is a private museum, behind and below the McDonalds museum in Des Plaines. Grandpa Kaiser was a merry old sole and a merry old sole was he. He bowled twice at night and he coaled miners coal and died back in 2003. As for the Hickatuck Indians – who were the first HUMAN settlers in Island Heights, feel free to contact a local historical society or the state of New Jersey historical society, and ask them if they have heard about the Hickatuck Indians. They might have updated their historical records to include this tribe. Just don’t tell them that Count Von Kaiserstein sent you or you will not be told nothing.

      Regards and have a nice summer,

      Count Von Kaiserstein

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